The loin saddle de-boning machine removes an intact muscle from short and long saddles of lamb or mutton. Its speed and precision improves your profitability because it yields around 10% more meat than manual boning.

Another example of innovative technology from MIRINZ, the international leader in sheep meat processing technology.

Production 6 short saddles per minute
Product length Short saddle 70 to 255mm/145 to 330mm.
Yield At least 10% better yield over manual methods.
Dimensions 1850 H x 2000 L x 860 W (mm)
Weight 1013 kg
Power 400V 3 Phase earthed electrical supply, 2.5 kW max (Not suitable for connection to an earth leakage system).
5.5 bar compressed air supply, 140ltr/min at 6 per minute
Standard Equipment
One pair each of # 16, 18 & 20 Knives
Ten pairs of plastic ploughs
One pair of plough holders
Two operator manuals
One maintenance manual

Loin1 Loin2 Loin3

Click on the photos to view the loin saddle de-boning machine in opperation

Easy to use
•Simple to operate
•User-friendly operators console
•Simple to adjust
•Quick change from short to long saddle
•Rapid plough and knife change
•Adjustable feet for sloping floors
•Comfortable operating height
Quality engineering
•Heavy duty construction
•All machine functions are fully interlocked
•PLC controlled for operating reliability
•Automatic shut off if the operator breaks the safety curtains or if any of the doors are opened.
Hygienic design
•Easy to clean
•All surfaces in contact with meat are approved food grade.

•Better meat yield
•Increased profitability
•Labour savings of up to two people at a production rate of 3 carcasses per minute
•Improved operator safety
•Improved product appearance
•Short Payback period