Port Of Tauranga Coal Handling Facility 2004 Conveyor C1

Manufacturing & supplying the conveyor on time presented a few logistical problems.
These problems were compounded by the fact that the final resting place for the conveyor was above the main trunk rail line.
C1 is made up of four sections, each section is approximately 30M long. With next to no available space to work with we used a rail siding to assemble each section & then transported via rail to the lifting position.

Project Management

Due to rail movements all of the lifts had to be performed in the early morning hours on weekends.
Each movement request had to be presented in writing and planned a week in advance.
Weather delayed the first section by a week. With liquidated damages pending, BLM had too install two sections the following weekend to make Program.

Final Outcome

C1 conveyor was manufactured & Installed on time & within budget.
All of the sections fitted without intervention. Credit to design, QA & dedicated staff.