BLM Stainless Steel Fabrication Pic(1)

This workshop is totally segregated from contamination from other workshops, and is well equipped with modern and up to date equipment:

  • TIG and MIG welding machines (including a Fronius Pulse MIG)
  • AC/DC TIG welding machine (ability to weld Aluminium)
  • Precision cold cut saw
  • Pan folders
  • GF Tube cutting machines
  • Access to brake press, plate rollers and guillotine

This enables a multitude of projects to be undertaken in house, to a very high standard of quality and accuracy. Fabrication is carried out in accordance with latest industry stand­ards, and where applicable Pressure piping and/or vessel Codes/Standards.

Engineering capabilities include the manufacture of :

  • Stainless steel pressure vessels and piping
  • Dairy/hygiene process tubing and tanks
  • Precision food and beverage manufacturing
  • Balustrades and hand railing
  • Marine equipment repairs and manufacturing
  • Architectural manufacturing
  • Polishing