Change of ownership

Embracing a New Era: BLM Engineering’s Next Chapter with Ryan Marra.

Ryan Marra is the new driving force behind BLM Engineering’s exciting new phase. BLM Engineering has been part of Morrinsville’s community since way back in1947, earning themselves an abundance of trust and respect over the years. Now, under Ryan’s guidance we’re embarking on a journey that aligns with the future while staying true to our roots.

Better Together: Ryan’s all about building strong ties. Industry Growth Partners, which Ryan heads, includes HTSL, a major Heavy Diesel Mechanic player, and CDS, another well-known name in the Heavy Diesel Mechanic game, and BLM Engineering. This collaboration means we can bring even more to the table, offering a wider range of services and know-how.

Looking Forward: Ryan’s got plans and big goals. At BLM Engineering, we’re setting our sights on specific areas to grow. We’re keeping our commitment to project management, design, carbon steel fabrication and stainless steel. But that’s not all, we’re also determined to narrow focus into transport engineering and food processing. Come along with us on this journey of change, guided by Ryan and backed by Industry Growth Partners. As we look forward to a future packed with fresh ideas, community connections, and top-quality solutions, we want you to be a part of the ride. Together, let’s build on a legacy of awesome engineering that lasts.